Public Relations

Media is an important component in most of our work. through it we give our clients the most effective
exposure and raise awareness of their products and services.
Media is also a critical tool to reach the opinion leaders and policymakers.
There are many ways to use the media to disseminate messages about our client to the different publics such
as ( newspaper articles; feature stories; columns; editorials; bylines, Op-Ed’s; TV talk shows and radio
programs) Obtaining up-to-date and objective information about the market including information on
competitors’ activities and media coverage is a key element for succession any field of modern-day business.

media Monitoring and analysis

it is extremely vital for businesses’ decision makers to be kept abreast of the
news of their relevant industries and areas of interests and those of their
Spark communication measures the number of mentions and their volumes
and provides periodical media analyses.
It also offers weekly or biweekly news round-ups specially tailored for the
clients and the industry concerned.
It analyzes company’s image or brand formed by mass media. It also tracks
publicity of client and competitors, keeps an eye on trade-specific studies and
researches, and monitors mentions in the blogosphere and Social Media

Government Relations Management

We are an active member of politicians and policymakers. In order for a business to survive and compete, a company needs to influence government opinion constructively and become a positive member of the investment community.

so we can build and emphasize the client relationship with the governmental entities with the way that tend their objectives and presents their projects by high effective channels and communication tools.

• Governmental business communication writing (template/Vocabularies)
• Networking /build relations
• Overview about Governmental needs from enterprise or community sector.
• Creating opportunities in Governmental sector supporting the Marketing Plan / campaigns.
• Governmental business communication writing (template/Vocabularies)
• Networking /build relations
• Overview about Governmental needs from enterprise or community sector.
• Creating opportunities in Governmental sector supporting the Marketing Plan / campaigns.

press event

Brand launches, internal communications meetings, conferences, meetings, anniversaries and much more. These events require services, production as well as specific media requirements

Our Services

• Event Setup 
• Venue Booking 
• Production
• Invitation
• Organizing event
• Press kits

• Attendance

• Media publicity

• Media Registration

• Branding Designs

• Giveaways

• Transportation

leading Crisis Management

• Making plans and proactively readying the key players for possible crisis scenarios and how to meet them in the information and communication front. 

• Forming a core crisis communications team/ regularly envisaging possible scenarios &solutions.

• Providing consultancy on key crisis situation messages and Creation of professional crisis situation press messages and publicizing them.

• How to prepare a list of speakers “qualified & trained” to communicate crisis messages and responses

• Providing a tailored Training to support the official spokespersons

internal Communications

• Spark team helps and creates an open channel of communication and integrate business objectives with the internal communication platforms

• Effective companies are constructed inside out” We believe that every member of the organization is a walking public image for the organization”.

We believe that the inside voice is the mirror of the outside; so we keep our clients updated with the most effective plans that increase the employee’s loyalty to the organization

content Development

Getting engaged in content development and creation, defining the tone of voice, wording, language, narrative message specific for each content type. That includes:

• Feature Stories

• Bylines columns

• Editorials

• Messages 

• Brochures

• Television / Radio Statement


• Websites content

• Social media content Strategies

• Letters (internal/Business/officials/Diplomatic/Governmental….etc


business relations

• Enhancing proper business communications between multiple clients operating at the same sector

• Facilitating the cooperation channels among our clients in different sectors

• Providing B2B opportunities to guarantee a win-win relationship

• Creating Case studies that expose the market status and opportunities

• Establishing ties between various corporations to strengthen the organizations’ overall performance.

• Arranging the meetingsthat match with our partner goals.

• Recommending the effective calendar of networking events.

PR Campaigns

Enhance the company’s goodwill and raise awareness of brand and products also improve or reshape customer attitudes about the brand

Media training

Spark for communication offers customized media training programs for executives, politician and public figures with an exclusively handpicked team of international and local trainers and PR experts involved in the design and implementation

personal branding

Getting engaged in content development and creation, defining the tone of voice, wording, language, narrative message specific for each content type. That includes:

1- Media Messaging:

Spark has trained and experiences consultants in political media messaging.

• Maintaining a confident tone of voice that enforces the image of the client as agreed.

• Support the creation of a plan of media appearances, supported by specific messages to fit each appearance/ target audience.

2- Lobbying:

• Lobbying with key media stakeholders who will serve as opinion leaders supporting the Client .

• Introduction of the client to certain media figures informally and building an ongoing relationship.

elections Media Campaigning

• Enforce, utilize and integrate social media platforms, highlighting campaigns and on ground events together with various marketing tools (outdoor, advertising and the likes) to push messages to position the candidate.

• Highlight the candidate’s real challenges (apparent and hidden) and emphasize strengths; while altering challenges to become strengths.

• Supporting the social media strategy-as an information source, providing feeds of coverage, pictures and press statements.

media consultancy

• Providing daily consultancy on what needs to be said and done, necessary interactions, appearances and placement of the candidate.

• Provide an analysis of other competitors while surveying their moves in media and proactively counter them.

• Capitalizing on the client’s online TV channel to create weekly videos summarizing his messages, his visits, trips and the likes.

political Communications

• Providing effective channels of communications, and opportunities for interaction with key political players. • Arranging for participations in key political events, and conferences. • Arranging meetings with certain political figures. • Communicating with religious bodies and influencers. • Political communications consultancy.

event Management

Spark for communication’s Team works Hands-on assuming full responsibility or in part of event organization team for creating/implementing the required event activities with clear communication and ensuring the smooth and efficient running of an event as designed.


We believe in establishing a set of behaviors that are consistent with the goal of good corporate citizenship and corporate social responsibility (CSR) while forming partnerships with credible brands like NGOs.

CSR is the incorporation of ethics and values into business functions, operations, and practices. The ideal CSR is what will have the interests of all stakeholders – investors, customers, employees, the community, the environment and others – mirrored and echoed in the policies and actions of a corporation. The principals and staff of Spark for communication have for many years now been actively and intensely involved in the various aspects of CSR programs – from studied selection and conception to expert execution, monitoring, and promotion.

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