MArketing Campaign

We create the market campaigns for the customer from scratch including the think tank stage till the activation and implementation stages and the campaign audit as well


MArketing Strategies And PR

• Budgeting Control
• Long Range Planning
• Marketing campaigns & Media planning
• Public Relations Planning & Execution
(sponsorships, events, CSR, press)

Digital Advertising

• Google ads (AdWords)
• YouTube ads (Banners & Video ads)
• Instagram sponsored ads
• Facebook ads.
• Twitter campaigns.

Talent Management

• Hostess
• Promoters
• Models
• Social Media Influencers

activ ation

we build a longer-term emotional connection between the brand and the customer through media campaigns.

creative production

Spark for communication has a team of creative production experts; we provide innovative ideas and new production means to produce and create with high quality,
Commercial Production (Audio / Video) :
we provide comprehensive production services for:

Videos, Songs, Audio, Radio ADS, Documentaries, sound effects , visual editing, Short movies, Videography And Photography.

digital marketing

We Create a precise content and strategy that reflects client’s image among all digital marketing channels.

•Produce the digital content for online usage, emphasize the key messages and stories.
•Transform the unified communication strategy into localized communication per region.
•Plan the approach of each target country and target audience.
•Propose the new ideas to promote any updates and upcoming activities or events, through the digital marketing channels.
•Integrate all digital marketing channels together to work under one umbrella of ethics and messages to ensure client’s strategy sustainability.

Commercial branding

Creation/Design and print the marketing material for all types of events, including :

•annual exhibitions.
•corporate events.
•outdoor activities.
•annual business giveaways.
•outdoor booths.
•roll ups.
•back drops.

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