Digital Advertisement

publish and spread the company
content through the most important
digital mediums and track virtually
every step the customer makes in
relation to the ad.

media buying

we achieve the highest reach for the
lowest possible price to publish your

outdoor Advertising

we reach the customer anywhere and
anytime through all outer media

Advertising Campaigns

we offer to create the perfect strategy for your business through several means of advertising like advertising on social medias, email marketing, content marketing and others

creative production

Commercial production


With a total amount of creativity, we transform genuine events into memorable pictures that have the ability to captivate the viewer, we offer to capture: 

• Food & Beverages • Campaign Photo Production • Commercial Photography • Medical Photography • Corporate Portraits

audio production

Audio Production

• Voice Over recording
• Music recording
• Music composing
• Sound Mixing
• Musical theme creation

Audio content Production

• Creative writing
• Corporate copy writing
• Slogans
• Effective Translation

video production

We believe that if a picture says thousand word then a video says it all. At Spark, we are on capturing the essence of all what is raw and real, with an intent to take you with us through the journey of the video events: 

 TV Commercials – TV Shows – Documentaries – Infographics – Video Clips – Corporate Videos – Social media fillers – Events coverage – TV Channels Branding – Video Converting

 Our video production journey has the following stations:

  Concept Creation – Scripting – Storyboard – Casting – Planning – Production – Editing – Color Correction

we are ready to start your project